House of How has been working on Minecraft Legends since mid-2022 as the sole developer of additional game content outside of Blackbird Interactive and Mojang, leading UGC Content and Tools Development.

We seeded the initial UGC launch catalog, serving as the creative vision holder for the game's marketplace and general consumer-creator strategy. We built documentation, tutorials, and tools for the community to use to fulfill their imagination, as well as a diverse set of mini-games, adventures, and skin-packs to show the potential of the UGC. We are currently the exclusive developer of UGC marketplace content for Minecraft Legends.

Ichorous Grove Myth Angry Rats Myth Magic Carpet Myth
Endless Hordes Myth Creature Caretaker Myth Temple Escape Myth Chess Legends Myth

"Working with House of How on Minecraft Legends was an absolute pleasure for everyone involved at Mojang. From the very beginning they demonstrated the vision, leadership and expertise to collaboratively lead us through our thinking for the Minecraft Legends creator Marketplace. And with their unique position as developers and content creators with a long history in the professional grade UGC space they were able to design, develop and deploy both an incredible tool set for creators as well as a super fun and high-quality set of game experiences demonstrating the potential of that toolset."

- Dennis Ries, Executive Producer, Minecraft Legends

Press Releases

Introducing Myths

Published on June 13, 2023

Lost Legends: The Legend of the Llama

We mentioned Myths when Minecraft Legends first launched, and now the first three are here! Myths are community creator-made paid DLCs you can get on Minecraft Legends Marketplace that fundamentally change the game experience, bringing new gameplay mechanics and stories. This month's releases are single-player experiences made by community creators House of How!

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Four New Myths

Published on September 20, 2023

Jump Treetop Trampoline Doom

But that's not all the adventures that await. This month, House of How have also released four new Myths, which you can purchase now on Minecraft Legends Marketplace! Here's a quick sneak peek at these immersive single-player DLCs...

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