UGC Services

We are the only studio that has worked as both a creator and co-dev partner on nearly every major UGC marketplace, including Minecraft, Minecraft Legends, Roblox, Dreams, Fortnite, and other unannounced games/platforms. We have developed UGC experiences, provided consultation, QA, content moderation, engine co-development, documentation, and built tools for public consumption and 2nd party use.

To date we have shipped over 1500 UGC products, from skin packs to multi-million dollar engine showcases.

We do it all...

  • High Level Consulting
  • Tool Development
  • Content Development
  • Co-Development- Need help? Happy to lend a hand.
  • Operations / Live Services
  • QA / Content Moderation

Case Study: Minecraft and Minecraft Legends

We have a long professional history with the franchise spanning back to 2018. Our first contact was the Minecraft Marketplace program, where we were brought into the closed ecosystem in one of the early waves. Mojang reached out to us as a trusted, local dev studio with strong tech designers and experience in publishing, to give the platform feedback and advice initially, and then eventually to help create tools for other creators in the community both in-engine and standalone.

From the success of that work, we were later approached to help with Minecraft Legends, where we served as the creative visionholders for the UGC marketplace and built several experiences and tools.

To date, we have created well over 1400 Minecraft products, and built or enhanced several pipelines and tools including those used in skin creation, scripting integration, product organization, bug tracking, server/world management, CI/CD, localization, a level editor, level converter, modeling, and numerous other areas. We remain strong partners to this day.

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Ichorous Grove Myth Angry Rats Myth Magic Carpet Myth
Endless Hordes Myth Creature Caretaker Myth Temple Escape Myth Chess Legends Myth

"Working with House of How on Minecraft Legends was an absolute pleasure for everyone involved at Mojang. From the very beginning they demonstrated the vision, leadership and expertise to collaboratively lead us through our thinking for the Minecraft Legends creator Marketplace. And with their unique position as developers and content creators with a long history in the professional grade UGC space they were able to design, develop and deploy both an incredible tool set for creators as well as a super fun and high-quality set of game experiences demonstrating the potential of that toolset."

- Dennis Ries, Executive Producer, Minecraft Legends

Case Study: Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks

When Skybound Entertainment set out to do something different on Fortnite/UEFN, they didn't bother to talk to anyone else. They wanted something amazing for their award-winning and #1 streaming Animated Series Invincible. Working with their creative leads, we built a set of signature experiences to exemplify the IP, promote the release of Season 2, and set out to prove that top quality really could be achieved on the platform.

The flagship experience Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks did just that, taking the stage as an Epic Pick, and was part of the Unreal buzz of GDC 2024. Epic said it was their "highest quality island ever." Our work with Skybound is not over. More to come!

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